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Technology collaborate with equestrian traditions

Meet an AI powered solution that helps you become a better rider




A personal chatbot will help you find the best personalised offer if you or your horse needs something from a shop or service provider.

AI coach to help you become the best rider you can be, ready not only physically but also mentally to perform at your best.

We know that the best way to learn is by playing. Now you can play in different AI generated games with someone who knows all about horses.

What could AI give to the equstrian world?

Keeping you up to date at the next level

You’ll never have to browse the internet again to find what you need. Your personal adviser will always share the most relevant information with you.

Reforming riders education

Can you imagine a trainer who has all the riding knowledge described. We not only envision it, we create it.

The next level of video games

The time for silly games is over. Artificial intelligence is a playmate that always follows your progress and personalises your gaming experience.

Meet Our Team

Zsuzsanna Gyulai is a dedicated dressage rider who is not only interested in riding, but also in teaching. Over the past two decades, she has achieved many domestic successes with her horses. Her goal in life is to participate in the Olympic Games. In addition to his competitive ambitions, he spends a lot of time bringing the latest tools into the world of horse training.

The Hoka equestrian association has been organising the development of sport, therapeutic riding and equestrian education since 2016. On behalf of the Selfycam brand, it has installed the PIXIO and PIXEM robotic operator systems for several other riding schools, which are used for online instruction and riding analysis. The organisation currently has 100 active members.

Levi is the head of Hóka LSE and is a graduate in sports economics and is himself a hobby rider and riding instructor. He wants his partner Zsuzsi to achieve her dreams of participating in the Olympics and supports her in this. He is committed to putting modern technology at the service of horse riding education.

The solution

Welcome to our friendly horse and riding companion app! Whether you’re 8 or 80, if you’ve got questions about horses or how to ride them, you’re in the right place. Our app is here to make the world of horse riding simpler and more accessible for everyone, no matter your experience level.

What sets our app apart is how it cleverly matches your questions with the best answers. It’s like having a super-smart friend who knows everything about horses and can’t wait to share it with you. Instead of giving you just any answer, our app gets to know you – your style, your needs, and your unique way of interacting with horses. It learns from every question you ask, making its advice more tailored and useful for you.

Our goal? To not just offer information, but to provide a space where all riders can learn and grow together. Our app is constantly evolving, enriched by the experiences and knowledge of its users. So, come join our community and let’s make horse riding more enjoyable and informed for everyone.

How could you get it?

Choose one of our offer!


Now you can join our sports club for a monthly membership fee of $20

ChatGPT subscription

To use the demo version you will only need a chatgpt plus subscription

Frequently asked questions

You can click on the demo button above to try out some of the features of the program. or click on this link: www.selfycam.hu/eq-demo

Yes. For the Demo version you don’t need to pay for. But you need to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

By becoming a sponsor, you become a full member of our association. The association has a 20% ownership stake in this program and the proceeds of the program support the sporting careers of association members around the world in significant ways.

Our programme is all about motivating users to spend as much quality time as possible outdoors with their horses. However, the preparation for the ride and the processing of the experience is as important a part of riding as the time spent on horseback. Our solution helps with these two things.

Our aim is to automate all the processes that can be made easier with technology. There are also many areas of riding where AI can help, but when we will be able to fully trust it is not yet known.

Our app significantly speeds up the learning process while keeping you entertained. We know from our own examples that often advice from a different perspective, in different words, can be a huge help when riding. Our software uses artificial intelligence to find for you the written or video knowledge of a professional who can speak to you in a way that is most understandable and useful to you.

We have just started our program please be patient :)

Our programme is very much linked to sustainability.
It is true that we have not developed a process to prevent food waste, for example, which is a big problem. Our users receive an indirect education. On the other hand, through our referral system, we discourage unnecessary purchases. Our sponsoring equestrian service companies realise that our programme may have a negative impact on them in the short term, but in the long term, they will get a return on their investment.


Please fell free to contact us if you have any other question.
E-mail: gyulay.levente@hokalse.hu

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